Noarlunga Downs Preschool philosophy

At Noarlunga Downs Preschool children, families and community members are treated with respect, care and empathy. We create an inclusive environment, where everyone belongs and there is a strong sense of engagement. Our curriculum and learning outcomes are from The Early Years Framework for Australia, “Belonging, Being & Becoming”. We believe that children learn best through play and in an engaging environment, where children feel safe, secure and free to express themselves, take risks, challenge themselves, problem solve, explore and build resilience and persistence. We strive to find ways for children to connect to their natural environment and learn about sustainable practices. We reflect both collaboratively and individually, on our practice. We intentionally plan a learning program, for individuals as well as various cohorts, based on data collection and reflection, providing the richest learning opportunities for children.

Routines and rhythms are embedded through our day that are meaningful and supportive of children’s wellbeing and engagement. Children are capable and competent and are given appropriate choice and agency.

At Noarlunga Downs Preschool, early childhood educators:

  • hold children and families in unconditional positive regard
  • build trusting and respectful relationships with all
  • critically reflect on our own practice, both individually and collaboratively
  • acknowledge, value and respect, the culture and uniqueness of each family.


Your child is entitled to access one year of preschool.

From 2023 there will be a mid-year intake into preschool. This means children who turn 4 years old:

  • before 1 May are eligible to start preschool at the beginning of the year.
  • on 1 May to 31 October can commence preschool through the mid-year intake at the start of term 3 of that year.

Regardless of whether your child starts at the beginning of the year, or through a mid-year intake they will undertake 4 terms of preschool.

Children who turn 4 years old after 31 October will be eligible to commence preschool at the start of the following year. 

If your child is Aboriginal or under guardianship (in care) they are eligible for 12 hours of preschool after they turn 3. They will then be eligible for 15 hours per week of preschool in the year before they start school.

Children can start pre-entry preschool one term before their 4th birthday. This pre-entry is currently provided on Monday mornings and the day is dependent on numbers.

Our preschool is open:

  • Mondays: 8.45am – 11.15 am
  • Tuesdays: 8.45am – 3pm
  • Thursdays: 8.45am – 3pm

Our Preschool students regularly visit our school library, join in at assembly and have frequent visits to our junior classes. They visit the school’s playground and participate in whole school events such as Sports Day. This assists our preschool children to transition successfully into our junior primary school.

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