Photo of Noarlunga Downs P to 7 School
Policies and Values of our School
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Site Improvement Plan (Strategic Plan) 2018  
Site Improvement Plan (Strategic Plan) Flowchart 2018  
Preschool Quality Improvement Plan 2018  
External School Review - August 2017  
Annual Report 2017 - Noarlunga Downs Primary School & Preschool  
School Context Statement 2018  
Literacy Agreement 2018  
Numeracy Agreement 2018  

Attendance Policy and Procedures  
Anti Bullying Policy  
Smarter Schools National Partnership Plan  
Student Voice  
Behaviour Management Policy  
Decision Making Cycle  
Raising a complaint with DECD  
Restorative Practice  
Christian Pastoral Support Worker  
School Chaplaincy Service Information  

DECD Public Education Statement  

Homework Policies
All primary students are expected to do homework as a foundation to developing personal study skills.

Each class teacher plans weekly or fortnightly homework rubric that includes activities to be signed off by parents including:
- Literacy eg daily reading and spelling practice work,
- Spellodrome,
- Numeracy eg family maths tasks, Mathletics or practice activities,
- Civics/Volunteering eg helping or jobs around the home,
- Physical Activities eg sports training, riding the bike, outside play.
This is returned to the teachers weekly or fortnightly for review.