If your child turns 4 before the 1st of May, they will start Preschool on the first day of Term 1. If your child turns 4 on or after the 1st of May then they will start Preschool on the first day of Term 1 the following year. The Preschool is in session for ½ a day on Mondays (1 session) and two full days on Tuesday and Thursday, (2 sessions for each day).

Children do 5 sessions per week. Preschool children transition very comfortably into our Junior Primary classes. They visit our library weekly, join in at assemblies and have frequent visits between the Junior Primary classes and the Preschool. They also visit our playground and participate in whole school events e.g. Sports Days and Harmony Day to ensure they feel very comfortable starting school.

Primary School
If your child turns 5 before the 1st of May, they will start school on the first day of Term 1. If your child turns 5 on or after the 1st of May then they will start school on the first day of Term 1 the following year.

A transition programme of 4 visits over 2 weeks for both parents and children to become acquainted with their new school and teacher (if possible) occurs prior to them starting. A letter with information will be sent out prior to commencement if you have already enrolled your child.

Students transferring from other schools can usually commence the day after their enrolment forms are completed unless there are special circumstances or needs that require extra support.

Enrolment Forms
The pdfs on this webpage should download and open in a new window or tab of your browser. To view pdfs you can use either 'Preview' or 'Adobe Acrobat.'

Pre-School Enrolment Form  pdf size391kb
Primary School Enrolment Form  pdf size 324kb

Fees and Charges
School Fees are $229 which includes providing books and materials, and a subsidy for incursions and excursions. School uniform tops can be purchased from the front office with T-shirts @ $25 jumpers @ $28.

We have a Playgroup that meets in the Kindy on Friday mornings from 9 - 11am. There is no cost as we are a “Learning Together Playgroup” and they cover the insurances and affiliation to the Playgroup Association. We ask that parents bring a piece of fruit for their child to share and a hat in warmer weather. Playgroup is a great way for parents to get to know others with preschoolers and give their little ones play opportunities with other children.

Uniform of Noarlunga Downs P to 7 School
Our dress code is currently navy blue. This includes windcheaters, polo shirts, track pants, shorts, skirts, and / or jeans. School uniform tops, polo shirts and jumpers, are available from the front office on Mondays and Fridays between 8am – 9am. Other uniform items can be purchased outside of the school. In summer girls can wear checked summer dresses. The school provides all new enrolments with their first broad brimmed hat free of charge. Students are to wear appropriate footwear for daily activity sessions. Long hair is to be tied up.

Sun Smart Policy
The wearing of hats in Term 1 and from the 1st September Term 3 during recess, lunch, sports lessons and excursions is essential and expected. Students who do not have a hat will be asked to play in a designated shade area.

Student Medication During School Hours
For medication that must be taken during school hours, you will need to provide a completed Medication Plan filled out by either a doctor or pharmacist.
The form also includes a written consent by you for school staff to supervise the taking of the medication.

Click here to download the Medication Plan form  
pdf size 100mb

All medication provided to the school must be in either the original dispensing container or in the case of long term daily medication must have a pharmacy label attached with;
- The name of the child,
- The name of the prescribed medication,
- The required dosage clearly stated,
- The date dispensed.

Asthma Care
If a student has asthma, an Asthma Care Plan must be filled out and given to the school office.

Click here to download the Asthma Care Plan form  
pdf size 52mb
Click here to download the Asthma First Aid Plan Flow Chart  pdf size 182mb

Eat Well Be Active
The School Canteen is open at lunch time 11:30am to 11:50 am Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It operates on a break even cost to make healthy food and the convenience of the canteen available to all families.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)
OSHC is available after school from 3:10pm – 5:45pm. Phone Lyn on 0401 121 719 to book your children into OSHC.