Photo of Noarlunga Downs P to 7 School

The school environment
The school has a football oval, soccer oval, basketball / netball court, three playground areas, a full-sized gymnasium, and great views overlooking the Onkaparinga and the coast. We also have a Community Garden and chickens that are managed by a class.

Where can parents get information?
Information is available on our website, through the newsletter, through class information and student diaries / home-books. Parents are welcome to ring and make an appointment to see leadership or teachers if they have concerns. Ph:83844395.

What do you gain from your local school?

Safety for your child:
Noarlunga Downs P - 7 School has 150 students. Staff know, and care for all students. Your child can walk to school with their friends. Children are assisted to develop resilience, persistence and assertiveness as part of their learning.

Success in learning:
75% of university graduates in South Australia went to their local government school. Our students progress to their local high schools and continue to win school awards for excellence and effort. A past Noarlunga Downs student is a recipient of the 2007 Rhodes Scholarship.

Community involvement:
Your children’s friends will be from around the corner. Extra-curricular activities including sport and hobbies will be in the local area.

More time to spend with your children:
You can walk to school with your children. If necessary you will be able to drop them off and pick them up in 5 - 10 minutes.

Preparing children for real life:
We value the multi - cultural contribution to learning of all people represented in Australian society and include this in children’s learning through inviting families to share as part of the learning. Interaction with other cultures builds tolerance and reconciliation between cultures. Problem solving learning activities for children develop skills to solve problems though out life.

Teaching children to think:
Students are encouraged to have a say in both their learning and in the running and organisation of the school. We provide specialist programs for Students with High Intellectual Potential and for students who have Special Needs in their learning. Student Leadership Committee runs student initiated activities within the school.

Innovative learning programs:
Our school encourages individuals to develop their talents.
  • We are an accredited Restorative Practice and Play is the Way, school where children are encouraged to be responsible in their learning and behaviour.
  • Growth Mindsets encourage students to continually grow in their learning.
  • All primary students are involved in an Arts Program of Music, Dance, Drama, Media and Visual Arts with their classroom teacher.
  • Alternate years the school participates in Wakakirri.
  • All classes participate in the Garden to Galley Program by planting, caring for and then cooking the produce grown. This includes a class managing the chickens as a mini-business.
  • Learning Together Playgroup Friday 9:00 to 11:00am in the Kindy, see parents and preschools learning together.
Clear, upfront cost:
School fees are $229 which includes providing books and materials, and a subsidy for incursions and excursions. School uniform tops can be purchased from the front office with T-shirts @ $25 jumpers @ $28.

Seamless transition from Kindergarten / Preschool to School:
Our Kindergarten/Preschool is on site. Our Kindergarten children become comfortable with the school through frequent visits to the Resource Centre, to the Computer Room, Junior Primary classes, assembly and joining in on special days.

Staff at Noarlunga Downs P - 7 School believe students learn best when they...
  • Feel safe, secure, confident and valued
  • Are motivated and enjoy the learning
  • Know the expectations and boundaries
  • Are taught to persist and persevere when learning is challenging.
  • Have a voice and are involved in curriculum and school decision-making
  • Explore learning with “hands on” experiences and activities
  • Work with their peers in different groups to encourage using their combined strengths i.e. buddies, cross-age, abilities and friendship groups
  • Are surrounded by excellent examples and role models
  • Have positive, trusting relationships, especially with their teacher
  • Are supported to self-manage their learning and behaviour.